Development Services

Measurement Concepts
A conceptual design of a measurement concept is the solution to a problem.
We figure out:

All these Questions influence the measurement concept and the installation of the sensor. A simulation helps to create fitting optics and to veryify the concept.

Optics developed by us comply to industry requirements. Realizing a measuring concept means for us taking all relevant norms like e.g. IP67, EN15267, EN13284,... into concideration.
Bundes-Immisionsschutz-Gesetz (BImSchG)Optic Design
The optic design we create with FRED and the simulation is accomplished with Ray Tracer.
Our construction software is Inverntor Professional. (3D-CAD)
Prototye manufacturing Konstruktion
Building a prototype is our proof of concept.
According to your requirements we will analyze the tasks and find a matching solution in cooperation with our clients. Here from our specialists will develop the appropriate construction, simulate the feasibility of the optics and integrate it into mechanical concepts.