LichtquelleFor over 30 years, our business unit ‘Industrial optics’ has been developing and manufacturing non imaging optics. The Plöckl GmbH Co. & Industrieoptik KG focuses on high grade opto-mechanical components as well as integrating and supplying opto-electronic modules.Optikdesign

Our specific strengths are optical sensors and components based on lighting for industrial measurement technology, for transmission and scattered light measuring for industrial purposes, especially for environmental measurements, micro-optoelectronics and pharmaceutical industry.

This enables our customers to manufacture optical measuring devices without having to acquire specific optical knowledge or enhancing production capacities.

The range of our products and services includes every step from first design to serial production.

A conceptual design of the measurement is the first step answering the following questions: What is the best source of light? What beamline is necessary and what are the ambient contitions the sensor will need to function in?
Our range of sensors includes for example:Streuung

and much more