The declared goal of Plöckl GmbH & Co. Industrieoptik KG is to substantially contribute and improve industrial products in Germany and yet to always see our customers as partners.

With our long term expertise we focus on developing and manufacturing high grade opto-mechanical components as well as integrating and supplying opto-electronic modules.

Thereby we complement and support manufacturers of analytical instruments and sensors by solving specific optical tasks, prototype construction and mass-production of components for our customers. We also act as link between component suppliers for industrial image data processing and our customers who expect complete machine vision system solutions, e.g for quality assurance.

This enables our customers to manufacture or operate instruments for optical measurement as well as using industrial image data processing without having to acquire specific optics knowledge or enhancing capacity for production and system integration.

We are convinced that understanding and precise fulfillment of customer standards, highest and defect free quality, adherence to schedule as well as outstanding cost/performance ratio and profitable growth are not in conflict with each other but are rather mutually dependent.

We are facing the challenges of our goals by steadily developing our organization, together with our partners.